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On Violence and Non-Violence, Once Again: Lessons from Recent Political Developments on the Berkeley campus (Part 1)

  In one of his most widely read essays, Louis Althusser made the famous remark that ideology and its subjects never run around saying “I am ideological!”[1] From the perspective of the interpellated subject, there is no such a thing… Continue reading

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A Few Unexpected Subjects of Class Struggle: Notes on Recent University Strikes

An entirely new word is being put forward by an entirely new subject. It only has to be uttered to be heard. — Rivolta Femminile Our universities are fraying at the seams. At schools throughout California, across the UK and… Continue reading

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Letter to Yudof and Regents from California Scholars for Academic Freedom

Released: November 23, 2011. UC-wide President: Mark Yudof, President; Regents; Academic Senate Chair: Robert Anderson, Berkeley Ch: Robert J. Birgeneau Academic Senate Divisional Chair: Robert Jacobsen Davis Ch: Linda P.B. Katehi; Academic Senate Divisional Chair: Linda Bisson Irvine Ch: Michael… Continue reading

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Open Letter Regarding the Coming Nov 2 General Strike

October 30, 2011 The Coming General Strike Dear Fellow Graduate Students:

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