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Reclamations was launched in 2009.

Please view our current and past journal issues at http://www.reclamationsjournal.org (opens in a new window).


Here is an alphabetical list of our past contributors: 

Amanda Armstrong
 is a graduate student in Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. She was among the 43 arrested inside Wheeler Hall. » “Building Times”“We Will Not Suspend Our Protests”“Privatization as Anti-Politics”“Insolvent Futures / Bonds of Struggle”

Jasper Barnes is a graduate student in English at UC Berkeley. » “The Double Barricade and the Glass Floor”

Zach Blas is an artist, a PhD student in Literature, Information Science + Information Studies, Visual Studies, and Women’s Studies at Duke University, and writer working at the intersections of networked media, queerness, and the political. His on-going project, Queer Technologies, is a collective that produces critical applications, tools, and situations for queer technological agency, interventions, and social formation. » “On Electronic Civil Disobedience” (forthcoming)

Darwin Bond-Graham received a BA from UC Santa Cruz and completed his PhD at UC Santa Barbara in March 2010. » “Who Rules the University? To What End Do They Rule?”

Judith Butler is Maxine Elliot Professor of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley. » “On the Rights of Protests”

George Caffentzis is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Southern Maine. He is also a founding member of the Midnight Notes Collective. » “The Student Loan Debt Abolition Movement in the United States”

Joshua Clover is a faculty member at UC Davis. He was among the 52 arrested inside Mrak Hall on November 19th and the 66 arrested inside Wheeler Hall on December 11. » “November 18 Strike Address on Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza”

Ryan Sinclaire Davis is a fourth-year student in African-American Studies and Political Science, University of California, Irvine. Ryan was one of the seventeen arrested in the February 24th sit-in at Aldrich Hall. » “An Absence of Solidarity”

Ricardo Dominguez is a co-founder of The Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT), a group that developed Virtual-Sit-In technologies in 1998 in solidarity with the Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico. He is an Associate Professor at UCSD in the Visual Arts Department, a Hellman Fellow, and Principal/Principle Investigator at CALIT2 (http://bang.calit2.net). He is also co-founder of *particle group*, which combines new media, the paraliterary, performance, artivism, and humor to produce different gestures that forge a subversive relationship with the newest frontiers of technological science in an effort to undermine some of their assumptions of authority and power. » “On Electronic Civil Disobedience” (forthcoming)

Silvia Federici is a long-time feminist activist, teacher, and writer. Her published work includes Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body, and Primitive Accumulation (New York: Autonomedia, 2004) and A Thousand Flowers: Social Struggles Against Structural Adjustment in African Universities, co-editor (Trenton, NJ: Africa World Press, 1999). » “Political Work with Women and as Women in the Present Conditions”

Maya Gonzalez is a communist and revolutionary feminist living in the Bay Area. She is a graduate student in the Department of History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz. Her work has appeared in Endnotes. » “Political Work with Women and as Women in the Present Conditions”

Malcolm Harris is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn. His work focuses on generational politics and higher education. He is a managing editor of The New Inquiry and a contributing editor to Shareable. » “Bad Education”

Adam Dylan Hefty is a Doctoral Candidate in History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz. He is active in several groups in the struggle to defend public education. Hefty’s essay originally appeared in Against The Current 145, March-April 2010. » “Public Education in California: What’s Next After March 4th?”

Monsieur Hulot is an undergraduate student at UC Davis. He was among the 52 arrested in Mrak. He can be contacted at m.hulot[at]ymail.com. » “‘To Fan the Flames of Discontent'”

Zachary Levenson is a graduate student in Sociology at UC Berkeley. He was among the 43 arrested inside Wheeler Hall. » “Berkeley After Wheeler”

Puck Lo is a graduate student at UC Berkeley. Her organizing interests draw from Anarchist People of Color (APOC) and prison-industrial-complex abolitionist politics, as well as radical queer and counter-globalization movements. » “Creating Outside Agitators”

Caitlin Manning is a filmmaker and Associate Professor of Film and Video at California State University, Monterey Bay. » “Political Work with Women and as Women in the Present Conditions”

Daniel Marcus is a graduate student in Art History at UC Berkeley. » “Six Pictures of Our Insolvency” (photo essay)

Annie McClanahan is a PhD Candidate in English at UC Berkeley. She is a member of the Graduate Student Organizing Committee. » “From in loco parentis to the State of Exception”

Bob Meister is Professor of Political and Social Thought at UC Santa Cruz and President of the Council of UC Faculty Associations. » “Where Does UC Tuition Go”“An Open Letter to President Yudof on this Year’s Tuition Increase”

Paul Nadal is graduate student in Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. He was among the 43 arrested inside Wheeler Hall. » “Building Times”

Peter Osborne is Professor of Modern European Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University London. He is an editor of the British journal Radical Philosophy. His books include The Politics of Time: Modernity and Avant-Garde (1995; 2nd ed., Verso Radical Thinkers series, Jan. 2011), Philosophy in Cultural Theory (2000), Conceptual Art (2002), Marx (2005), Walter Benjamin: Critical Evaluations in Cultural Theory (ed., 3 Volumes, 2005) and most recently El arte más allá de la estética: Ensayos filosóficos sobre el arte contemporáneo (CENDEAC, Murcia, 2010). » “Privatization as Anti-Politics”

Ianna Hawkins Owen is a graduate student in African Diaspora Studies at UC Berkeley. Her politics are inspired by APOC and movements in art. » “Creating Outside Agitators”

Will Parrish is an independent scholar and organizer. He attended UC Santa Cruz from 2000-2004, where he was denied his diploma as a penalty for organizing a protest. » “Who Rules the University? To What End Do They Rule?”

Mark Paschal is a graduate student in History of Consciousness at UC Santa Cruz. He is working on a political economy of US higher education. » “A Framework for Student Debt”

Daniel Perlstein is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley. » “Violence and the University”

Stephen Rosenbaum has been a Lecturer on the adjunct faculty at UC Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law (his alma mater) since 1988, where he teaches courses in civil rights litigation, social justice skills, mental health law and policy and Spanish language and cultural competency. He has also been a staff attorney with civil legal services offices for almost 30 years, most recently with a non-profit disability advocacy organization where he specializes in education rights. Rosenbaum sits on the board of directors of the ACLU of Northern California. » “Letters to UC Berkeley’s Life and Leadership”

Rei Terada went to California public schools and UCLA; she is Professor of Comparative Literature and Director of the Critical Theory Emphasis at UC Irvine. Some of her other writings on the UC situation include “Imposed Minority and the Student Movement,” Work Without Dread, March 2010; “UCOF Education and Curriculum Recommendations: Less for More,” Remaking the University, March 2010; and “Open Letter to Chancellor Michael Drake,” UC Rebel Radio, January 2010. » “Two Hundred Years of University ‘Reform’ and How to Dream It”

Alexander Zevin is a graduate student in History at UCLA. He was one of the occupiers of Campbell Hall. » “On Some Lessons from the Protest”



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