Issue 6 (July 2012)



Dead Futures, Resurgent Futures

Dan Nemser and Brian Whitener, Circulation and the New University

Amanda Armstrong, Debt and the Student Strike:
Antagonisms in the Sphere of Social Reproduction



George Caffentzis, In the Desert of Cities: Notes from the Occupy Movement
in the U.S.

Mark Paschal, Our University?


Wounded Bodies

Anonymous, On Violence and Non-Violence Once Again:
Lessons from Recent Political Developments on the Berkeley Campus

Aaron Bady and Gina Patnaik, On Privatization and Brutalizing Campuses



Puck Lo, Untitled (Reflections from Occupy Oakland January 28 Actions)


Voices in Struggle

Ricardo Dominguez, On Electronic Civil Disobedience (Interview by Zach Blas)

Geoffrey G. O'Brian, Thanatopsis (Poem)