Call for Submissions: Special Issue on Securitization and the University [closed]

Call for Submissions: Special Issue on Racism, Resegregation, Decolonization—Race & Organizing in Education [closed]



R e c l a m a t i o n s solicits:

  • Theoretical inquiries that contribute to deepening our understanding of the political moment
  • Informative, well-researched critical analyses of concrete situations related to the crisis of public education and the various struggles to reclaim and transform the public realm
  • Interviews with activists, theorists, researchers, and public figures
  • Manifestos, open letters, and public statements
  • Responses to all of the above

Pieces will be considered for publication by an editorial body whose mission and members will be subject to collective modification. R e c l a m a t i o n s will be published online several times a year. The first few issues may appear irregularly until we gain a sense of the volume of submissions and the time-sensitivity of the material.

Send submissions and queries to editors[at]